Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service in Rego Park, Queens

Together with our Brooklyn location, Saunders Street Laundromat serves these New York City locations with quality Pick up and Next Day Delivery Laundry Service

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Drop Off Pricing $35 minimum

Name of the service
House Special, $1.89/lb
Premium, $2.09/lb
Free & Clear, $2.29/lb
Value Brand Detergent
Value Brand Softener
Clorox 2/Oxi-Clean
Seventh Generation Detergent
Seventh Generation Softener
Seventh Generation Bleach
Clorox 2 Free & Clear
Color Catcher
Add On's
Twin Size Comforter/Duvet:
Full/Queen Comforter/Duvet:
King Size Comforter/Duvet:
Small Rugs/Bath Mat
Mattress Cover
$9 each
Fleece Blanket (SM)
Fleece Blanket (LG)

Things To Know

What makes our laundry service different?
We don’t broker or outsource your laundry to another company. All your laundry i...
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We don’t mix your clothes with another customers. Believe it or not some laundro...
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We separate your clothes by color prior to washing. Whites are washed separately...
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We use our own drivers. Unlike other laundromats, our drivers are our employees....
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Our top 2 Services “Premium” and “Free & Clear” use top shelf, name brand deterg...
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We package your clothes neatly and logically. For starters all your towels are a...
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All orders are packaged in a weather proof bag to protect your finished laundry ...
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